Co-creation of a gamified workshop

BIC Mexico intends to innovate its reception plan to generate a greater commitment in the newcomers and reduce the turnover of the company. Through a gamified co-creation workshop with managers and employees, we designed a personalized Onboarding that transmits the company’s DNA in an agile way.

We combine on and offline elements to create a “host pack” based on a passport that poses challenges and missions. In order to get all the “stamps” the newcomer is getting to know their main interlocutors and the functions they perform, as well as the tools and processes that they will need in their day to day.

BIC is a family company that is a world leader in the sale of stationery, lighters, shavers and promotional products. For more than 60 years BIC has lived up to the tradition of providing simple, ingenious, reliable and high-quality options for everyone, anytime and anywhere.

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