Against risk, prevention

The objective of MC Mutual is to transform your training in Occupational Risk Prevention into a gamified experience that allows you to learn the main concepts about PRL in an innovative and playful way.

In MQL we propose a Game Learning that helps to identify situations of risk and possible consequences and to internalize actions and preventive means for each risk, promoting the interest and motivation of the students throughout the experience.

In the new gamified PRL training, the user must save the Tualis at risk in scenarios that represent the MC Mutual workspaces and the most common tasks. Identifying risk situations the student wins letters with each preventive action to unblock the access to the following levels: two casual games of good practices learned and the Great challenge or final evaluation.

MC Mutual is the Mutual Social Security contributor. Its mission is to take care of the occupational health of people. They have 1,800 professionals serving more than 160,000 mutual companies. If you want to know more about MC Mutual, go to

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