The engine of the Social Innovation of l’Hospitalet

The mission of the municipal equipment Torre Barrina de l’Hospitalet is to lead innovation and social transformation of the city, promoting initiatives that generate a positive impact on citizens.

MQL we accompany in the conceptualization and endowment of space content, designing experiences and gamified events that awaken the innovative and creative capacity of people, and that promote the connection between people, groups and projects (social, educational and technological).

We generate communities of learning and experimentation that help to become aware of the challenges and opportunities that Social Innovation entails, making this municipal facility the headquarters and engine of Social Innovation in the city of l’Hospitalet.

Torre Barrina, experiences of Social Innovation, is a public service of l’Ajuntament de L’Hospitalet within the reach of citizens, the associative and business fabric and public agents. A project of Gamified Social Innovation, nominated along with other projects of international scope, in the Smart City Expo Awards 2018 “Cities to live in” (Inclusive and Sharing Cities). If you want to know more about Torre Barrina, go to

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