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Co-creamos a medida con los clientes
combinando estrategia, diseño y tecnología

Strategic Design

We co-create gamified strategies with our clients, combining personalized design, proprietary tools and certified methodologies

Employer Branding

We develop projects to promote a good reputation as an employer. We design campaigns and tools to attract the best talent and to generate engagement among collaborators


We transform the welcome process into an agile and motivating journey. We apply game mechanics to accelerate the adaptation of new employees and align them with the purpose of the company

Game Learning

We base our methodology on co-creation with the client to understand the company's DNA well and develop personalized and gamified eLearning programs that improve interaction and student-content engagement

Employee Satisfaction

We create models that measure and evaluate key information regarding work environment. We achieve a high level of participation by aligning the story with the company culture and ensuring confidentiality. We link the results with future plans of development and growth of the organization


We convert training capsules into agile and customizable games. A resource that facilitates knowledge and motivation, reporting value metrics such as participation ratios, rankings, ratings, abandonment index or areas for improvement

Creative Workshops

At MQL we accompany companies, transforming their workshops, training and events into memorable experiences through gamification, creativity and the application of certified disruptive methodologies